Wonder where this is?

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Latest Update: Guessed by many! This seems like a popular destination indeed 🙂

The name of this monument is the Sheesh Mahal or ‘Glass Dome’, located in the beautiful Lodi Gardens of central Delhi,  among other Lodi tombs.

It is called Sheesh Mahal because of the blue tile work that is said to have covered the top half of the building at one time.  (It is often confused with Ibrahim Lodi‘s tomb which is actually in Panipat, where Ibrahim was defeated in a momentous battle by Babur, the founder of the Mughal dynasty in India. ) There are several graves of an unknown family of the Lodi times within the Sheesh Mahal, making for an eerie visit after dark.

For directions click here.

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    enjoyed the discussion on your Facebook page 🙂

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