Traveler, heritage lover, explorer, history buff, or just plain curious about this city of cities? Welcome to A Date With Delhi!

And in case this happens to be your very first ‘date’ with us, maybe you’d like a quick round-up of some of my personal favorites on this blog? Here you are!

Love is foolish | a love story from AD 1236, Delhi

At the end of the tunnel | Tughlaqabad Fort, Delhi

Patch of green, splash of royalty! Lodi Gardens, Delhi

Gory Story | Chor Minar, Delhi

Forgotten mosque | Madhi Masjid, Delhi

A set of pictures from the just-concluded Surajkund Mela

Onion City

Safdarjung’s Tomb in all its glory!

A Tale of Three Cities

A set of pictures from the just concluded Turkish Fest at Delhi

What do you think, dear reader?

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