Pic-A-Day in June

June is that month when the scorching heat can make you hate this city! So we thought, why not do a little feature to remind you of the things that make you love Delhi? Every day this month, we’ll tease you with a single pic that captures the spirit and showcases the heritage of this city of cities.
Of course, you are welcome to comment, add captions, and even contribute pics of your own! Just visit our facebook page and post! To view all the pics posted so far, please visit the “Pic-A-Day Project” Category.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. twobitwo says:

    This is a great idea & I m quite enjoying the pics 🙂 looking forward to more cool snaps!!

    1. wanderfool says:

      Thanks 🙂 Hope to keep on bringing you pics that represent the beauty and heritage of Delhi.

      1. twobitwo says:

        Kudos! You are past the half-way mark and I must say, each of your pic-posts has evoked renewed wonder for our dear old Delhi 🙂

        1. wanderfool says:

          Wow, that’s encouraging 🙂 Sooo glad you’re loving these pics!

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