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  1. twobitwo says:

    these are great pictures!

  2. infinity0iota says:


  3. wanderfool says:

    thanks a lot, guys 🙂

  4. Farah Yameen says:


  5. Dew says:

    Beautiful pictures 🙂 And loved your blog…now i am getting all nostalgic… 😐

  6. Delhi is not a city I know well and I have never been. Kolkata I DO know though. These images are beautiful and many I know well from a similar culture in Bangladesh where I live. They make me yearn to return to Kolkata though… Glad I found this blog, it made my day!

  7. wanderfool says:

    Thanks a lot Ken. I have spent a good deal of time in Calcutta as well, and I loved the culture there. Delhi, however, is rather different from the east, and since you’ve closely observed the Bangladeshi people you would see that difference at once…do visit when you get a chance! But of course, the fact remains that they are both beautiful hot-spots of rich cultural heritage.

  8. LOVED the pics! Beautifully shot! What lovely colours!!

    1. wanderfool says:

      Thanks! This is an annual affair, so if you come again in February (or was it March?) you might get to experience it first-hand 🙂

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