Wonder where this is?

Time to rack your memory again! Where have you seen this “chhatri” (umbrella)? Do you know what it is? HINT: This one’s at a very famous landmark in Delhi!

Latest update: Guessed immediately! This structure is located at the Qutb Minar in Delhi.  This was the cupola built by the British engineer Robert Smith in 1829 after an earthquake destroyed the original ‘chhatri’ (umbrella) of the Qutb Minar. It was made in the Bengal style not particularly suited to the style of the Minar, hence it was removed by Lord Hardinge in 1848. Today it is aptly called ‘Smith’s folly’ and is displayed on the lawns within the Qutb complex itself.

For directions click here.

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with wonder in my eyes, a thousand questions in my heart, and a spring in my step, i set off to explore this megacity....

2 thoughts on “Wonder where this is?

  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog. For some reason the images on yours aren’t loading for me, so it makes your quiz impossibly hard! I’ll come back another time and see what I can see…

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