Wonder where this is?

Hello friends! Ready for a challenging quiz today? Tell us what and where this monument is!

Latest update: This is the picture of Bijai Mandal from the city of Jahanpanah, the 4th city of Delhi built by Emperor Muhammad bin Tughlaq (whom many would remember from old history lessons as a brilliant but crazy king who forced his entire populace to shift from Delhi to Daulatabad and back!)

The famous Moroccan traveler Ibn Batuta described this as the king’s palace and audience hall, and also as an observation tower. Some historians think that the building on the ground floor is actually a remnant of the famous “Hall of Thousand Columns” or Hazaar Sutan palace cited by many travelers of the middle ages.

For directions click here. (Close to the Hauz Khas metro station)

What do you think, dear reader?

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