Wonder where this is?

Hello dear friends! It’s time to play the little quiz again….where have you seen this unique monument? Please drop your answers on our facebook page 🙂

Latest update: As guessed by one of our readers, this is indeed a Tughlaq fort! It’s called Kotla Feroze Shah, or fort of the king Feroze Shah Tughlaq of 14th century Delhi. The pillar you see in the background is actually an ancient Ashoka pillar (for the uninitiated, Ashoka was a 3rd century B.C. king, one of the greatest in India, and was known for propagating his Buddhist virtues through inscriptions on rocks and stone pillars). This specific pillar was transported by Feroze Shah from Ambala in Punjab, then planted in his own fort!

Ever since the Feroze Shah Kotla gave its name to the world famous cricket stadium next door, its name has ironically become synonymous with the sport. Not many have heard about the medieaval fort nearby, and even fewer visit it. Except on Thursdays, that is! For on Thursdays the place suddenly comes alive with people who believe there are djinns in this fort that can make their every wish come true! But more about that story later 🙂

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  1. wanderfool says:

    Hello Gabriela! Thanks for your response 🙂
    Nope, this is not Tughlaqabad Fort…but here’s a hint: it’s another Tughlaq fort!

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