A Fort Lost in Time | Adilabad Fort, Delhi

The one place that every child visiting Delhi is dragged to, is, of course, the Red fort. It is a monument that attracts one of the highest footfalls in the country.  That’s perhaps because it used to be the power-center of a greater part of India less than a century ago. But what of the…

Mauryan Legacy

This article is a part of our series where we invite contributions from Delhi lovers. This article has been penned by Sanchita Srivastava, who is a student of history at the Delhi University, and loves to write. You may wonder as to what could be so fascinating about a mere column in Delhi that would make…

Drama in a Fort: Tughlaq!

A mad king. A visionary. A despot who shifted the entire populace of Delhi to Daulatabad. A man far ahead of his times, who experimented with coinage but could not implement it. Sultan Muhammad bin Tughlaq remains an enigma 7 centuries after he ruled this land.

A Village with a Tank | Hauz Khas, Delhi

A crooked lane leading through a tiny urban village. Houses, restaurants, art galleries, boutiques stacked together like matchboxes along a touristy circuit.

A Tale of Three Cities

Early last year I visited Stockholm, a picture perfect city with its numerous cafes and cobbled streets, museums and memorials. The many frozen waterways around the archipelago had just started to melt and people had started to come out of their homes more often to catch some sun. I loved how so many of its…