A Fort Lost in Time | Adilabad Fort, Delhi

The one place that every child visiting Delhi is dragged to, is, of course, the Red fort. It is a monument that attracts one of the highest footfalls in the country. ┬áThat’s perhaps because it used to be the power-center of a greater part of India less than a century ago. But what of the…

Gory Story | Chor Minar, Delhi

You have heard of the famous Qutb Minar, of course, but Chor Minar, huhh? Translated to Hindi, it means ‘Tower of Thieves’, but whatever does that imply?

A Village with a Tank | Hauz Khas, Delhi

A crooked lane leading through a tiny urban village. Houses, restaurants, art galleries, boutiques stacked together like matchboxes along a touristy circuit.