The “Delhie” Book and a Picnic atop the Qutb

I am excited as I’ve stumbled upon the “Delhie Book” of Thomas Metcalfe. Does not ring a bell? Well, Metcalfe was an officer of the British East India Company, and the Governor-General’s  Resident at the Imperial court of Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar in early 19th century Delhi. He ran the ‘Delhi territory’ from 1835 to…

Wonder where this is?

  The old monument quiz is back, friends 🙂 A crumbling old mosque set in a queen’s garden…what and where do you think this is? Folks,  this is the mosque at Qudsia Bagh built in the eighteenth century by the queen Qudsia Begum herself, wife of then Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah Rangeela. A stroll in the…

Pic-A-Day Project: Flying High!

This is the famous rampart of the Red Fort, from where the Indian tricolor is unfurled every Independence Day by the Prime Minister of the country. The fort of course, has seen many a royal coronation and many a bloody battle, but today it is one of the most unmistakable symbols of the country’s independence….

Wonder where this is?

Time for a quick quiz folks! Where have you seen this gate, and what is its significance?