An Old Church and Many Memories… | St. James Church, Delhi

Since it’s Good Friday, I thought of sharing with you pictures of one of the oldest churches in Delhi- St. James Church, or Skinner’s Church, built by Col James Skinner in 1836, near the Kashmiri Gate. Enjoy and have a good Good Friday ūüôā

Resting Ground | The Delhi War Cemetery

There is something about a cemetery that makes me feel at peace with the world. When Death, the great equalizer, is all around me, it suddenly ceases to be frightening any more. Peace envelops me as I look around, too¬†conscious of the¬†impermanence¬†and the fragile beauty of life. My friend Moony and I are visiting the…

Wonder where this is?

Hello Delhi lovers! In the mood for a little quiz? Tell us where this church is, and its name please. HINT-this ain’t nowhere in Europe!

Wonder where this is?

Time for a quick quiz folks! Where have you seen this gate, and what is its significance?

Wonder where this is?

Or rather, I should say…Wonder what this is! This old Colonial-Mughal style building, created in 1891, can be seen near the Kashmiri Gate area of Delhi. Can you make a guess as to what was the original purpose of this building? Drop your answers here! Latest update:¬†This is the old building of St. Stephen’s college,…