The Rage of an Emperor | Adham Khan’s Tomb, Mehrauli

If you like old paintings, you would love to take a look at this page from court poet Abul Fazal’s Akbarnama, depicting Mughal Emperor Akbar punishing his foster brother Adham Khan by throwing him down the terrace of Agra Fort, not once but twice! Reason? Adham Khan had killed Akbar’s favorite general Atgah Khan out of jealousy.

Akbar throws Adham Khan from terrace of Agra Fort

Adham  was the son of Maham Anga, Akbar’s foster mother and a very influential woman in his life. Her famous response to Akbar breaking this news to her was a steely “You have done well”.  Within a few days of her son’s death, Maham Anga also died of heartache. Probably for political reasons, Akbar had a mausoleum built in Delhi and had both mother and son buried there.

A few years back the Bollywood movie Jodha Akbar had nicely depicted this scene of the Emperor’s rage.  Continue reading