Pic-A-Day Project: DU of the Past?

The Hauz Khas Madrasa at the end of the bohemian village of Hauz Khas in South Delhi, was once– believe it or not– a university of international repute. The emperor Feroze Shah Tughlaq had it built alongside the lovely tank of Hauz Khas, and built his own tomb next doors. Imagine these ruins once echoing…

Pic-A-Day Project: Standing Tall

Standing tall as a part of the Delhi skyline since 1192 when the first Muslim ruler of Delhi- Qutbuddin Aibak– settled here and started building a victory tower, there’s a lot that this minar has seen. Many a ruler built over and renovated it (Iltutmish, Feroze Shah Tughlaq, even Lord Hardinge). Some even tried to…

Gory Story | Chor Minar, Delhi

You have heard of the famous Qutb Minar, of course, but Chor Minar, huhh? Translated to Hindi, it means ‘Tower of Thieves’, but whatever does that imply?

A Village with a Tank | Hauz Khas, Delhi

A crooked lane leading through a tiny urban village. Houses, restaurants, art galleries, boutiques stacked together like matchboxes along a touristy circuit.

Wonder where this is?

Here’s another photo-quiz for my readers! Can you guess the name of this monument or where it is located? If you do, please post your response on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DateWithDelhi Go on, try it out 🙂 Latest update: This is the incomplete Alai Minar inside the Qutb complex, Alauddin Khalji‘s ambitious project abandoned half way due…