The Wanderers

A wanderer sets off to capture the tales of other wanderers.

infinite satori

The Wanderers

Because when every single cell of your body, every piece of hair rising up on your skin, is telling you to do something. You should always listen and follow it.

Less than two months ago, I was driving home, contemplating on where I stand in this part of my life when all of a sudden it hit me. As if the universe just shook me up and said “Hey! Do this! You need to do this now. This is what you are meant to do.” All of a sudden, I lit up. I started crying tears of bliss because I was so overwhelmed by this inner gravity within me telling me that I need to make this happen.

And what is it that I’m talking about?

At the end of June, I’m setting out on a quest. I will backpack by myself all throughout Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, Cambodia, Malaysia…

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