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  1. Powerful words to delve upon:)

  2. Naushirvan says:

    “baghair sabza naposhad kasey mazaar maraa,
    ke qabr posh e gharibaan hameen giah bas ast”

    ( Let no one cover my grave except with greenery,
    for this very grass suffices as a tomb cover for the poor.”)

    these words mark the tomb of Jahanaaraa ‘faqira’, the daughter of Shahjahan.

    The inscription continues: ” al faqira al faaniya jahaan aara
    mureed e khwajgaan e chisht
    bint shahjahan badshah ghazi anarallah burhanah”

    ( the transient/mortal ascetic jahaan aara ,
    disciple of the Chishti Khwajas and
    daughter of Badshah Ghazi Shahjahan, may allah be pleased with him)


      you are absolutely right.this is the yomb of jahanara within shrine complex of hazrat NIZAMUDDIN auliya..jahanara had faith on god.love for gods creatures with no desire for the worldly pleasures and she wrote that there shoul be no cover on her grave as green grass would be befitting for a poor like her.May ALLAH give eternal peace to the noble soul of jahanara.AZIZUL BARI CHOWDHURY,GUWAHATI,ASSAM

      1. wanderfool says:

        Thanks for your beautiful words

    2. wanderfool says:

      Thanks so much for bringing to us the entire passage… it is beautiful!

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