What’s in a name! Chawri Bazaar, Delhi

What's in a name! Chawri Bazaar, Delhi

Do you know how Chawri Bazaar got its name?

‘Chawri’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Chawhat’ meaning a ‘cross-section of four roads’.

Another theory suggests the name comes from the Marathi word chawri, which means ‘meeting place’. The name could have stuck because of the many meetings that occurred here to resolve disputes before taking them to the emperor’s court. Or perhaps because of the people that collected here to watch the famous courtesans perform.

From a district for courtesans, somewhere along the line, Chawri Bazaar changed into a marketplace for brass, copper and paper. In the pic you see the Jama Masjid as seen from Chawri Bazaar.

To visit the historic alley, get off at the Chawri Bazaar metro station on the yellow line. See map here.

Photo courtesy: Parthiv Haldipur

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  1. vishalbheeroo says:

    I was there in Delhi for a week. was on a super hectic schedue and look forward to visit to Chawri Bazaar next time. Superb pic:)

  2. wanderfool says:

    Thanks Vishal, hope you get a chance to visit the historic neighborhood soon! The photo is from Parthiv Haldipur’s flickr account, which he has so kindly agreed to share under creative commons licenses. Click on it to see more of his pics.

  3. its one of my fav places to have some yummy street food…love the kulhe da chaat 🙂


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