Who am I?

I sleep within these fortress like walls.

Have slept there for hundreds of years now.

I was born a prince, ready to take on the mantle of king, and rule this city of dreams. But fate had other plans for me…

I never became king, but today, I am venerated like a saint.

Who am I? And where do I lie?


This is the tomb of Sultan Nasiruddin, favorite son of Emperor Iltutmish and heir apparent to the throne of the Delhi Sultanate. He died even before his father did, in conquests towards the east of the country, and the broken-hearted father made this beautiful mausoleum to bury his son, in 1231 AD. {What happened after Iltutmish’s death is a series of coups I will reserve for later, in which brother after brother of Prince Nasiruddin tried to rule and kept failing. In fact, that’s where the famous sister Raziya also came in. Read her story here.}

Centuries later,  Prince Nasiruddin has been given some sort of a saint-status by villagers of the area. Whether Muslim or Hindu,  newly married couples of the vicinity think it auspicious to take  the blessings of the saint at Sultanghari. Every Thursday there are special ceremonies to commemorate the saint, and a community kitchen is set up to feed believers. More stories of this period coming up soon!

Who am I?

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  1. mj says:

    Nice one! I can’t think of who it could be. So, please tell me!

    1. wanderfool says:

      Hey mj, thanks! Take a look at the updated post!

  2. Naushirvan says:

    Best Wishes for 2013! I love the new look of the blog.

    I think that is Nasiruddin’s tomb or ‘Sultan Ghaari'( ‘sultan’s cave’), located near Vasant Kunj. Nasiruddin Mahmud was the son and “wali ‘ahad” ( “yuvraaj”) of Altamash.

    1. wanderfool says:

      That is so correct 🙂 This is indeed Sultangarhi. Updating the post with the answer now …

      @ New Look- thank you 🙂 A Very Happy New Year to you, too, Naushirvan.

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