Colors of Durga Puja

If you’re lucky enough to be in India at this time of the year, you are in for a season of festivities. Navrata, Durga Puja, and Dussehra just passed by our lives and filled Delhi with a spirit of celebration. While Durga Puja is typically the main festival of Bengalis and is celebrated with much fervor in Bengal, particularly Kolkata, Delhi is not to be left far behind! In a little pocket of Delhi called Chittaranjan Park, lies a mini-Bengal itself. And last week, the place was abuzz with colorful “Pandals“, gorgeous idols of the Goddess and queues and queues of people trying to get a glimpse of her. And of course, the street food was mind boggling in its sheer variety!

Here are some pictures of the idols from in and around Delhi.  Hope you enjoy them!

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  1. Nirvana says:

    Just loved the round up of the pandals. I was able to visit only a couple of them, but your snaps made sure I saw many more of the beautiful pandals.

    1. wanderfool says:

      Thanks so much, Nirvana 🙂 Which ones were you able to visit? I went out on each of the 4 days this year…my favourite happens to be the one at Vasundhara Enclave which I caught just in time!

  2. Puru says:

    Beautiful ! I have always found Durga Puja very fascinating 🙂

    1. wanderfool says:

      Thanks Puru! It is, indeed, a lovely festival. Glad you enjoyed the pics.

  3. bhavanas11 says:

    Beautiful!!! Thanks for the collection..-:)

    1. wanderfool says:

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed them 🙂

  4. As always, wonderful photos. Would you mind if I reblog the odd one or two of your posts from time to time? I would give a link so readers would come to your site to read the post but I would offer my thoughts about the post on my reblog. Would that be ok?

    1. wanderfool says:

      Hi Ken, that’s perfectly alright, thanks! Did you see a similar Durga Puja in Bangladesh?

  5. twobitwo says:


  6. Bipasha says:

    Reblogged this on A Date With Delhi and commented:

    A month away from the auspicious Durga Puja celebrations calls for a re-blog of this post for the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge.
    Fray : The Goddess goes to battle against the Asura, Good prooves victorious over Evil, Peace is restored to the world…

  7. Love the pic. I so miss Durga Puja since I am not in India, right now. Hope to make amends next and the one I miss like crazy is Ganesh Chaturthi:)

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