Traffic jam!

I have to share something crazy that happened the other day. I was driving around with a friend in Dwarka and if you have been to that part of the city, you’d not expect the kind of traffic even remotely close to what the neighbouring area of Gurgaon faces.  So we happily took a turn believing we’d just cruise along, but lo and behold! What do we see! There is a traffic jam, but of a different nature…

Here are a few pics we could quickly capture before the herd of sheep and donkeys came upon us. Kindly overlook the picture quality since these were clicked with a phone camera while controlling amazed laughter.  There were so many, we had no other option but to halt the car and wait until the royalty passed. They came and went, and left us somewhat wiser in their wake. Sigh! Nowhere in Delhi shall I ever again take traffic for granted!

Marching ahead? No, strolling along!
Some have even taken over the foothpath!
There were a few donkeys as well 🙂
The sheep seemed pretty comfortable with the situation, they came right up to the car and ambled along 😉

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