Pic-A-Day Project: DU of the Past?

Hauz Khas Madrasa, eminent educational institute of the past

Hauz Khas Madrasa, eminent educational institute of the past

The Hauz Khas Madrasa at the end of the bohemian village of Hauz Khas in South Delhi, was once– believe it or not– a university of international repute. The emperor Feroze Shah Tughlaq had it built alongside the lovely tank of Hauz Khas, and built his own tomb next doors. Imagine these ruins once echoing with the voices of scholars… Imagine their lives and their classes. And yeah! Imagine if they, too, went through the same excitement at admission time as we do😉

Thanks to Shalabh for this beautiful pic!

If you want to learn more about the lovely Hauz Khas village and complex, click here. And if you wanna learn more about the Pic-A-Day Project, click here.

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3 thoughts on “Pic-A-Day Project: DU of the Past?

  1. Naushirvan says:

    Ibn Battuta presents some interesting information in his memoirs,which were written before Firoz Shah’s reign. Ibn Battuta notes that a great number of singers called ‘turav’ used to live around Hauz Khas. Thus, the place was commonly called ‘Turavaabaad’. The adjoining region was also home to dancing girls and other performers. It must have been a far cry from the studious atmosphere that was to prevail during Firoz Tughlaq’s reign!

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