Wonder where this is?

Time for a quick quiz folks! Where have you seen this gate, and what is its significance?

Latest update: This is the Kashmiri Gate in north Delhi, today known for  an important metro station, the site of the Old Delhi Railway Station, and also for the Inter-State Bus Terminal. Originally it was the northern gate of Shah Jahan‘s old walled city, called Kashmiri Gate because it faced towards Kashmir 🙂  It was an important site during the revolt of 1857, when the British used this gate to keep Indians out of the walled city. The gate was badly battered in the struggle, mostly due to cannon balls fired at the British. Today you can see parts of the original city walls near the gate.

For directions see here.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mohammad Akmal says:

    It is cashmeeri gate played imp. Role in 1857 mutiny

    1. wanderfool says:

      Indeed Akmal, have you been there?

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