Wonder where this is?

Wear your thinking caps and guess where this is!

HINT: This is the speculated grave of a very important persona in Delhi’s history!Image

Latest update: This is believed to be the grave of Razia Sultan, a queen who ruled from Delhi in the early 13th century. You’ll be surprised at the state of this queen’s grave, you need to go down alleys near Turkman Gate of Old Delhi and find it surrounded on all sides by houses! The other grave is said to be that of Razia’s sister Shazia, who is unknown to history. The reason we call this grave site “speculated” is because there are 3 different claims to Razia’s deathbed- one is this at Old Delhi, another is thought to be in Kaithal, Haryana, and there’s a recent 3rd claim for Tonk, Rajasthan!

To learn more about this famous queen, checkout this love-story from our archives!

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  1. I loved the blog, coz i myself love to write on historical stories and folklore. However I want to know the reference of this story… any book or site?

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