First Date

A winter morning, washed in mellow golden sunshine.

The dense shroud of fog has lifted, revealing bright green leaves and a honey colored city suddenly bursting with new life.

The punishing summer months are a distant nightmare…

This is Delhi at its best, and yes, I am in love!

So what’s the best way to make the most of the first glorious day of the year? Here are some ideas that occur to me…now tell me about your favourite dates with Delhi!

  1. Simply a drive around the city. Somehow you don’t see any garbage dumps anymore…just the tree-lined avenues and the sun filtering through the leaves onto near-perfect roads. Throw in a stopover for cutting-chai, and you’re filled with enthusiasm to last through the day.
  2. Hauz Khas- my favorite stop. Not many know this 13th century monument raised on the edges of a lake, but whenever I’ve taken a friend along, they’ve been thrilled to see this gem. As I gaze over the beautiful green waters that have witnessed centuries of history, I am overwhelmed.
  3. Sarojini Nagar for all you shopaholics! Even someone like me – who shudders at the thought of jostling the crowds only to select a nice pair of shoes-was pleasantly surprised by the morning view of the market opening up to bright young things. It’s wonderfully warm, vendors are laying out their colorful ware on the streets, and if you go early enough, you’ve avoided the worst of the crowds.
  4. Bingeing in Old Delhi. The kebabs and biryanis there are to die for. For the veggies, there are Parathas of every imaginable variety.
  5. And if you are getting cozy with your date, for the afternoon, simply find a green park (happily Delhi is full of them), a good book, and laze out in the sun. Pure bliss!

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Roy says:

    🙂 nice

  2. AP says:

    Nice!!! Next time I’m in Delhi we are going to hauz khas.
    When is the next date coming?

    1. wanderfool says:

      Thanks AP, Roy! Next date coming up soon…

  3. Moony says:

    all these are fantastic, big fan of Sarojini… though till this date, a lazy walk in DU North Campus tops the charts for me 😀

    1. wanderfool says:

      thanks Moony, will look forward to your stories from the campus!

  4. Sunayana says:

    Thats a perfect “kiss” speaking volumes….( “keep it short n sweet” ) ..looking forward to such dates with delhi 🙂

  5. ratherdumb says:

    For me ice cream at India Gate is the way to celebrate Delhi 😉

  6. Bipasha says:


  7. mysterygirrl says:

    good one. I enjoy delhi the most in winters. I remember once i and my best friend we went so mad that after roaming in south ex and sarojini for my shoes… we walked sown the lane from SN market till INA metro station.. my god! it was FUN.. I love exploring delhi ki roads.. its alot fun !! anyways thanks for following my blog!

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